3-year Ampuversary & Grief

Three years ago today–Sept. 22–Phoenix had her right front leg amputated. Her continued joyful tag-wagging & face-licking are reminders, throughout each day, that Phoenix loves hopping through life on 3 legs much better than limping painfully on 4 legs.

We are grateful for, and mindful of, Ralph & Mya’s heroic rescue of Phoenix after she was hit by 3 different cars on Labor Day weekend, 2014. They drove her 5+ hours north to Miranda’s Rescue about 25 miles south of Eureka. If it were not for Ralph & Mya, and Shannon Miranda & crew, we would not have met this wonderful dog and had the opportunity to welcome Phoenix into our family.

Speaking of family, three weeks ago we had to euthanize our 14+ year-old beagle Chloe. Cancer, respiratory problems and–during her final day–multiple grand mal seizures, took their toll. Chloe went to sleep peacefully, held by my wife & I, in our vet’s office. Thus began her trip over the Rainbow Bridge to join our other dogs waiting for her. Sadly, at first Phoenix hopped around looking everywhere for Chloe, even looking inside a car in the garage. But as the days have passed, our beloved tripawd girl Phoenix (now probably about 8 years old) has adapted to being the only dog and ย getting plenty of attention.



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We're a senior retired couple (one ceramic artist, one writer) living in Eureka--on Northern California's redwood coast. We each grew up in NYC but met here in Humboldt County 25 years ago. We feel blessed that our three prior dogs (all females) each lived to age 14+ years. Our beagle Chloe crossed over into K9 heaven in August, 2017, and left behind her younger "sister," Phoenix, our tripawd. She's a sweet, tail-wagging, face-licking, pit bull. Phoenix joined our pack in December, 2014 [4+ years ago], three months after her right front leg was amputated at age 4-5? Phoenix had been hit by 3 cars in the SF Bay Area, and two great Samaritans named Ralph & Mya stopped traffic to rescue Phoenix on the road and drive 5+hours north to Miranda's Rescue, a no-kill facility in our county.

4 thoughts on “3-year Ampuversary & Grief”

  1. Well, we need a big huge CONGRATULATIONS DAKOTA!!! HAPOY THREE YEAR AMPUVERSARY!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ You look nust as ADORABLE as ever!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    You got ice cream and cake, right??

    I’m so very sorry that sweet Chloe had to head to the Bridge. You had fourteen wo derful years and the void has to be huge nit having her with you. Pay attention, I know she has made her presence known to you though! Of course, she’s been pretty busy at the Bridge because she feels so darn good now! She’s been pawtying non-stop with all her new friends and talking non-stop about what a great time she had with you and how loved she was!!

    We would love to see some pictures of her and hear more about her. Dakota won’t mind sharing her blog!

    Lots of hugs to all

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. Oh gosh good news and sad news, I’m not sure where to begin….

    First, I have no doubt that Chloe knew how much she was loved despite the difficult circumstances she faced at the end of her earthbound days. You set her free with all the love and dignity any being could hope for. She will repay you a thousand times over by continuing to look after dear Phoenix as she makes her way in this big world.

    And speaking of Phoenix, what a true blessing that she found you, and vice versa. She was meant to live and be loved, and the universe led her right to your door. What a lucky girl!

    Hoppy Ampuversary to your pack and may there be a million more celebrations to honor her resilience and your generous heart. Thank you for sharing this milestone with the community.

  3. Thanks for your words, Jerry. I feel blessed to have had four of my dogs live to 14+ years-old, so I knew what to look for in Chloe as she neared the end. The teary-eyed vet [who knew Chloe well after performing 3 surgeries on her over the years] said our decision was the right one, and also timely. It’s been 4 weeks today, so Phoenix has adapted and gotten more individual attention. She’s a hoppy girl!

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