5-year ampuversary and running at the beach

Phoenix, a sweet 10-year-old female pit bull, celebrated her 5-year ampuversary in late September! This morning Phoenix showed how happy she is to run and hop on three legs as she ran along nearby Clam Beach with her 11-month old lab friend Lucy. I continue to feel blessed we found and adopted Phoenix three months after her rt. front leg was amputated.

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We're a senior retired couple (one ceramic artist, one writer) living in Eureka--on Northern California's redwood coast. We each grew up in NYC but met here in Humboldt County 25 years ago. We feel blessed that our three prior dogs (all females) each lived to age 14+ years. Our beagle Chloe crossed over into K9 heaven in August, 2017, and left behind her younger "sister," Phoenix, our tripawd. She's a sweet, tail-wagging, face-licking, pit bull. Phoenix joined our pack in December, 2014 [4+ years ago], three months after her right front leg was amputated at age 4-5? Phoenix had been hit by 3 cars in the SF Bay Area, and two great Samaritans named Ralph & Mya stopped traffic to rescue Phoenix on the road and drive 5+hours north to Miranda's Rescue, a no-kill facility in our county.

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  1. WOW! Phoenix you are looking so strong and beautiful. CONGRATULATIONS! It’s so hard to believe you’ve been at this five years. You make it look easy peasy. Keep on hoppin and say hey to our Humboldt pals. Love you!

    1. “Uncle Jerry, thanks for your kind words! And you’ve done so much for dogs & cats like me who hop happily through life,” says Phoenix. “I may be getting older but I still love running at the beach and going for walks with Neil & Judi.”

  2. I have a tripod pittie and have always wanted to take her to the beach but was afraid she wouldn’t do well with her balance. Have you had any issues?

    1. Dear Christina,
      Sorry for the delay in replying. We (including Phoenix) just returned from a trip up the Oregon Coast to Bandon. As for your beach question, Phoenix usually moves BETTER (she can RUN free, instead of just hopping). I’ve not seen any balance issues. Stretches of harder packed sand are easier for her to run on because the softer sand areas tend to tire her out. When that happens, Phoenix plops down to rest & rolls around on her back. We bring a small bottle & foldable cup to give Phoenix fresh water breaks. Also, bags to pick up her poop (she always has to go @ the beach, even if she went before we left home!) I’d suggest a short (20 minutes) time on the beach, when the sand’s not too hot for her paws and there aren’t too many dogs around. Tell me about your pit bull. How old is she? Which leg is she missing? Of course, after you take her to the beach, let me know how it went.

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