One-year Ampuversary

Our face-lickin’, tail-waggin’, happy-hoppin’ Phoenix celebrated her one-year ampuversary three weeks ago! Around that time, coincidentally, we took Phoenix to the vet’s office for a check-up on an ear-gunk problem (that was quickly solved). While in the exam room, the vet remarked on Phoenix’s leg and overall strength, her great health and exuberance, suggesting she might be younger than the six-year-old guess told to us when we adopted Phoenix 10 months ago. Of significance is the vet commending us for keeping Phoenix’s weight stabilized (it’s a pound less than when we adopted her) because added weight, obviously, makes it harder on a 3-cylinder dawg. Phoenix enjoys her food and her snax, but as much as we tripawd lovers/owners may want to spoil our canines with food, it’s imperative to keep them happy while watching their weight.