10 months a tripawd, she’s smart about resting

Phoenix loves the couch

It doesn’t get red-hot here on California’s far north coast, but even a stretch of sunny days in the 60’s feels warm. So I’ve observed there are times when Phoenix–who recently celebrated 10 months as a tripawd–is smart enough to lie down & rest during her hopping (“running”) fast at Eureka’s Dog Park or on walks around the neighborhood. She’s a strong dog, needs exercise, but with just a three-cylinder engine, Phoenix knows she needs to take breaks. At the Dog Park, she just takes a quick breather then pops up, drinks some water, and resumes socializing. We stay 30-40 minutes or until Phoenix gives me that look (“Get my beagle sister, I’m ready to go home.”) Of course, once we get home, Phoenix has at least two good options to relax: her dog bed or her favorite corner of the couch.