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living with a tripawd pit bull girl


Phoenix attends Woofstock

August 12th, 2018 · 4 Comments · Uncategorized

Yesterday–Sat., Aug. 11–tripawd girl Phoenix attended the 23rd annual Woofstock on a sunny, cool afternoon along the Eureka Waterfront in Northern California. This “festival,” which benefits the Sequoia Humane Society and its adoption shelter, ran from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Although Phoenix didn’t get there in time for the morning canine conga line, she did meet many dogs–including a 9-years old tripawd lab named Phoebe. Phoenix also came face-to-face with Solo (another pit bull from Eureka) for the first time, became fast friends and had their owners (John & Neil) pose for a photo (taken by Arlette Large). When Phoenix got home from  75-minutes at Woofstock, she was so tired and content that she conked out on her favorite living room chair for about four hours. A beautiful day in the life of a happy hopping tripawd girl.


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  • Michelle

    So sweet. I am glad she had a great time. She looks like a happy girl in this picture.

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  • Neil Tarpey

    Thanks, yeah, she’s very sweet & happy. Phoenix had never been around that many dogs so all the interaction tired her out and she stopped to rest twice on the way back to where we were parked. This happens–she plops down in the shade to rest–on our usual mile walks, so we bring water & snacks. We’re so glad she’s happy and hopping along through life.

  • jerry

    Awww Neil! It is sooooo good to hear from you and Phoenix!

    OK that is NOT the Eureka waterfront I remember. There is BLUE SKY above your heads!! You photoshopped that in didn’t you? 😉

    Glad to hear Woofstock is still happening. You know our Jerry was from there right? Yeah that little guy was dumped at the shelter back when it was on the south end of town in that sad little building. And he lingered in that shelter for over a month, can you believe it? We were so blessed to have been the lucky peeps who adopted him.

    YAY for things being great with your pack! And meeting another Tripawd too? What a perfect day. We always love hearing from you guys. xoxo

  • Neil Tarpey

    Great to hear from you!
    Photoshopped? Ha! You know your Eureka weather. That’s why I’m in layers, a sleeveless vest atop a T-shirt. The other guy has a tank top. It was actually sunny & in the high 60s @ Halvorsen Waterfront Park.
    Yep, I know Jerry’s heritage includes Eureka roots. That little building–where Jerry found you guys–on South Broadway is still there. That’s also where Emma, a little beagle puppy, found my family & myself back in 1990. That building is the Sequoia Humane Society shelter, the folks who sponsor Woofstock. There are 2 big adoption places in northern Humboldt: Miranda’s Rescue, where Phoenix found us; and the Humboldt Co. Shelter up near the airport.
    Anyway, keep up your important work. I told the other tripawd owners (John & Julie) to look you guys up online. I hope they do.

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